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Venue Location

Entrance to the venue is located off Walnut road at Gate A. Parking is situated a few meters directly in front of the designated venue [Hall 2 – East]

Booking A Stand

Please complete the attached form and send it back to us.

We will send you an invoice with the stand cost for your stand choice. Please provide 3 choices as stands are booked fast and on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Once received, your stand is confirmed on receipt of your 50% payment.


Items Included in the Stands & Optional Extras

Each stand will include two passes for the three days of the Expo. The passes will allow each exhibitor tea/coffee & muffins between 7h30 – 9h30 ONLY on all three days. (Vouchers will be allocated accordingly).

Lunch will be served from 12h00 – 13h30 ONLY and includes a soft drink on both days. Whatever other items you require for your stand will need to be ordered (except for inclusive electrical points & lights).



All exhibitors at the Makoti Expo will be able to park inside


The collection of the exhibitor packs & set up will take place at The Durban Exhibition Centre on Friday 1st November 2024 (set up & registration days) between 08h00 – 16h00.

All packs will need to be collected during registration days / set up days to ensure access to the property for the Makoti Expo – no exceptions will be made.

You need to ensure you view your allocated area on the set-up day, and ensure setup is complete as NO changes will be made to any stands on Makoti Expo show days.

Should you not come in person, a letter must be provided to identify the person coming on your behalf (this includes set up crews etc.). Please include information like stand number, company name etc.

All exhibitors need to be off the property and complete with set up by 17h00 on set up day.

Food & beverages will be available for purchase at the premises on the registration days, and will be payable with cash or card. 


Exhibitors may not drill, hammer, paint, or “damage” the shell schemes – should you want to do any of the above you will need to order additional panels from the shell company. Items like magazine stands and TV Brackets & TVs etc. will also be available for order from the shell scheme company. ALL customizations must be booked with the shell scheme company. No self-built stands(poles cable tied together), loose solid back drops/panels etc. will be permitted as per JOC regulations. You are welcome to contact …………………………. on ……………. or email ……………………………..

Each plug point is limited to 15Amp ONLY


ALL customizations must be booked with the shell scheme company or comply with JOC regulations. You are welcome to contact us on ……………./ or email

No self-built stands, loose solid back drops/panels etc. will be permitted as per JOC regulations.

Please note that you may not construct formal roofs OR your own structure as opposed to your shell scheme due to JOC safety regulations. You will need to have it pre-approved by the JOC Health & Safety officer prior to the show and have it certified by an engineer.


Each stand booked will receive two passes for the weekend – should you want to purchase additional exhibitor passes you are welcome to order or buy at the gate at R 100.00 pp for the weekend. Additional passes do not include catering!


No exhibitor may hand out OR sell any food or beverages. You are more than welcome to sell items like magazines, shoes, bridesmaid dresses – no sale of food & beverages will be permitted OR be allowed. Should you want to do a promotion on your stand, please get management approval first. Handing out of biscuits and sweets is permitted.

NO wedding dresses are allowed to be sold from stands. This is exclusively reserved for The Popup Sale.


Please note that you may not share a stand – one exhibitor name per No exceptions.


Please note that you may only market & promote your business from within your stand – please be considerate of the visitors to the show as well as fellow exhibitors. You are not allowed to walk around and hand out promotional items.


Please take time and share the Makoti Expo on the various social media platforms that you manage. As you are aware the advertising for the Makoti Expo is and always has been very well done, however the more shares, the more interest the more feet.


Please note that (The Makoty Expo Pty Ltd) will accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft to/of your items brought onto the property for the duration of the Makoti Expo as well as during set up and breakdown. All valuable items to be removed from your stand overnight and items left on your stand will be at your own risk. We will ensure additional security during the Makoti Expo and on the set-up dates, however it remains the risk of the exhibitor for all items of value brought onto the property.


MAKOTI EXPO 2nd – 3rd November 2024

In these conditions, the following words shall have the meanings set hereunder:

The exhibition known as The Makoti Expo is to be held on the 2nd – 3rd November 2024 at The Durban Exhibition Centre

The Makoty Expo (PTY) Ltd

Person or entity hiring a stand or stands to exhibit goods, products services at the Makoti Expo.

The area hired by the Exhibitor and includes, unless inconsistent with the context, the exhibitor’s stand, and all advertisements and signs attached thereto.

Payment Terms & Conditions:

 We agree to pay the TOTAL costs Please mark your COMPANY NAME clearly on all deposits.

Cancellation Terms:

  • Full payment will be made no later than the 30thAugust 2024 after the 50% payment to reserve your stand has been received.
  • No refund payable on cancellation less than one month prior to the Expo.
  • No late payments will be accepted and will be considered as a cancellation.
  • The Exhibitor agrees to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in respect of any disputes that may arise from this Contract or any other action that might be instituted.

The duration of the Exhibition shall be from Saturday the 2nd November – Sunday the 3rd November 2024.

  1. Whilst the Organizers will make every endeavor to hold the exhibition on the dates stipulated and at the planned venue, in the event of the postponement or abandonment thereof or in the event of failures of the services or facilities, the Organizer may terminate the contract with the Exhibitor and shall not be under any liability for loss or damage incurred by the Exhibitor as a result thereof.
  2. If the Organizer cancels the Exhibition or cancels the contract for reasons other than breach by the Exhibitor, it shall refund to the Exhibitor all amounts paid by the Exhibitor in terms of the contract, net a pro-rata share of expenses incurred by it regarding the ExhibitionThe Organizer shall not be liable for any claims, demands, costs, charges, or expenses whatsoever cause resulting from the Organizers including, but not limited, to acts of God, Government, Municipal or Police restrictions, continuing domestic or international problems, such as wars, insurrections, strikes, fires, floods, work–stoppages, acts, or omissions of landlords of the property on which the Exhibition is held. Whilst the Organizers will make ever endeavor to maintain the layout of the floor plan, the exhibitor hereby indemnifies the organizer against all and any claims, demands, costs, charges, or expenses resulting from any changes.
  3. The Exhibitor hires the Exhibitor’s area for the period stipulated in the contract for the Makoti Expo. Throughout the period of the Exhibition, the Exhibitor shall keep the Exhibit/stand open, manned, and staffed during official open hours of the Exhibition, which has been specified as 09h00 – 17h00, by the

The Exhibitor shall occupy the Exhibitor’s area and complete the construction and preparation of the Exhibit by no later than 17h00 on Friday 1st November 2024.

  1. The Exhibitor shall not remove the Exhibit or any substantial part thereof before the conclusion of the Exhibition at 16h00 on Sunday 3rd November 2024.The Exhibitor shall dismantle the Exhibit by 20h30 on the last day of the Exhibition. Failing such removal, the Organizers reserves the right to remove and store the Exhibit, or any part thereof, at the Exhibitor’s expense.
  2. The Exhibitor shall occupy & is limited to advertising ONLY within the perimeters of their stand
  3. The Exhibit shall in its appearance and construction comply with standards for the Exhibition determined by the Organizer and in such demarcated areas on the floor plan; the Exhibitor shall maintain its stand in a neat and tidy fashion. The Exhibit shall not include, display, or use any materials or components which the Organizer in its sole discretion deems unsafe or undesirable. The Organizer shall, in its discretion, be entitled to instruct the Exhibitor to execute all changes to the Exhibit, which it reasonably regards as necessary to comply with the points in paragraph In the event of the Exhibitor failing to comply with such instructions, the Organizer shall be entitled to make such alterations and to hold the Exhibitor liable for the cost incurred thereof.
  4. The Exhibitor agrees to observe all the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement of Agreements between the Organizer and the Landlords of the land and buildings in which the Exhibition takes The Exhibitor shall not, in any way, damage the floor, walls, ceilings, roof or any part of the structure of the buildings in which the Exhibition takes place, nor the gardens and property on which the Exhibition takes place. Any Exhibitor causing any such damage shall pay for such damage and hold the Organizer indemnified against such damage.
  5. The Exhibitor shall not use any equipment, electrical or otherwise, which produces words or actions or broadcasts or performers, or music, without prior written consent of the The Exhibitor may also only distribute printed matter from its own Exhibit. The Exhibitor shall not paste or otherwise Exhibit posters or advertisements upon any part of the building or property on which the Exhibition is held without prior written consent of the Organizer. The Organizer shall have the sole right of compiling and issuing all catalogues, supplements, etc. and lists of exhibits and issuing invitations and tickets of admission to the Exhibition.
  6. The Exhibitor shall not have any claim whatsoever against the Organizer arising out of the provision of or failure to provide or breakdown in or interruption of facilities or services at the Exhibition, or visitors to the Exhibition. The Organizer shall have the right to reserve admission of any persons to the Exhibition Hall and the property where the Exhibition is held and shall have the right to expel such persons from the Exhibition, at its own discretion.
  7. All goods brought to the Exhibition by the Exhibitor are at the Exhibitor’s sole risk. The Organizers shall not be responsible for the Exhibitors or its agents or employees, or any other person, for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from any theft, burglary, or similar cause, or form any loss resulting from accident, injury or damage caused to the Exhibitor or its servant or agents or employees, from whatsoever cause arising, including but not limited to failure of any buildings or erections or any parts thereof.
  8. The Exhibitor hereby indemnifies the Organizer against all and any claims, demands, costs, charges or expenses arising or resulting from any act, omission or negligence by the Exhibitor or any servant or agent of the Exhibitor, or any person acting under the Exhibitor, notwithstanding that such action, claim, demand, cost, charges, or expenses may have been occasioned in whole or in part by the fault or negligence of the Organizer or its agents or employees or by any buildings or erections upon the Exhibition area being or falling into a defective state of repair.
  9. The Exhibitor shall not, without the prior written consent of the organizer, cede, assign, transfer or encumber any of the rights in terms of this contract or, sub-let or grant possession or occupation of the whole or any part of the Exhibits to any other person whatsoever. Without derogating from the general terms above, the Exhibitor shall only display and/or offer for sale, its own goods and/or services and shall not in any way act as an agent or facilitator or conduit for the goods or services of any third party whether associated with the Exhibitor in any way.
  10. The Exhibitor shall ensure that any cartons, cardboard boxes, and/or other forms of packing shall be safely stored away from the Exhibition area and shall take all the necessary precautions to ensure that flammable materials utilized on their stands are treated with a fire – retardant in accordance with Fire Department requirements. The Exhibitor is required to produce a flameproof certificate.
  11. No addition to or variation, consensual cancellation or notation of this agreement and no waiver of any right arising from this agreement, or its breach or termination shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by all the parties or their duly authorized
  12. Stands are booked at the Exhibitors own
  13. In the event of the Exhibitor committing a breach of any terms of this Agreement, the Organizer shall be entitled to the remedies it has in law, including to cancel this agreement forthwith, without further notice, and to claim and recover damages and costs from the defaulting The parties agree that the total cost cited above constitutes a reasonable pre-estimate of lost income in the event of cancellation of the agreement after the 30thAugust 2024, and the defaulting Exhibitor shall be liable for the full payment thereof in full.

These Terms and Conditions, together with the contract for an Exhibit and Exhibitor Manual constitute the whole and only agreement between the parties, and no warranties or representations which may or might have preceded or induced the offer or Contract on which are not recorded herein or in the Contract for an Exhibit, shall be valid or of force or effect The Exhibitor chooses the address set out in the Contract as his domicile citandi et executandi for all purposes. 





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